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Joel Alme är tillbaka med ny musik!

2015 släppte Joel Alme ”Flyktligan”, hans första skiva på svenska. Det fick ett enormt fint mottagande, med fina ord från kritikerkåren, utsålda spelningar och Grammisnominering. Nu, nästan 5 år senare är han äntligen tillbaka med ny musik.
-Ledsen för det långa avbrottet, kroppen har gått på som vanligt men psyket har inte hängt med riktigt. Här får ni ialla fall en liten ballad att ha i sommar.
Den 4 oktober släpper Joel Alme ett nytt album på svenska – ”Bort bort bort” och redan idag den 20 juni kommer första låten ”Så kanske vinden” och de första turnédatumen.
-"Så kanske vinden" är vad kärlek ska vara, den ska vara starkare på botten än på toppen. Topparna brukar lösa sig själva
De första klara speldatumen: Fredag 25/10 Stockholm, Slaktkyrkan Lördag 26/10 Stockholm, Slaktkyrkan Torsdag 31/10 Göteborg, Pustervik Fredag 1/11 Göteborg, Pustervik


A little over a year ago, me and Jens Lekman did what many friends who see each other too seldom do - we promised to get in touch a little more often.

We called the project CORRESPONDENCE.

These were the rules: * One letter a month, in the shape of a song. Six songs each, twelve in total. * Only one instrument could be used for each letter.

The songs were attempts to impress each other, make each other laugh and cry. They contained our thoughts about things that occupied our minds at that very moment.

The project was a way for us to have an outlet for more spontaneous ideas, and we decided to stay under the radar by only releasing the songs on the internet without attempting to attract much attention. Most of the time we forgot that anyone else could hear them. ”Sometimes someone would come up to me and be like, ’Hey I like that Hibernation song’ and I’d feel startled, like, ’Where did you hear that? That’s much too personal for anyone to hear.’” (Annika)

Annika’s favorite letter of Jens’ is his song from november - On the Edge of Time. “It’s like an entire dystopic tale that starts with him examining his eczema and ends with the probability of the world coming to an end. I also like the March one - Forever young, Forever beautiful. It grew slowly on me, about a mountaineer who tells Jens about her dead husband and how beautiful his body was.”

Jens' favorite letter by Annika is either February’s Showering in Public, about why she's never liked locker rooms, or December’s Silent Night with it’s hopeful ending.

The rule was that we could only use one instrument per song, to help us focus on the stories and not get lost in production. But in the end, we liked the songs so much it felt like we wanted to help them out, tie them together a bit more, and so we decided to record sparse strings on top of half of the songs. It turned out beautiful, and as soon as we’ve mixed and mastered it we will release it digitally.

Until then, you can hear all the songs in their raw current versions at (also lyrics) or on Spotify:

Photo by Emma-Sofia Olsson.


Säkert! släpper lill-EP:n "Arktiska oceanen" på fredag!

25/5 - Säkert! - Arktiska oceanen

1. Arktiska oceanen
2. Skadat exemplar
3. Washington

Producerad av Henrik Oja
Mixad av Michael Ilbert
Mastrad av Henke Jonsson

Jakob Algesten, klaviatur
Daniel Berglund, trummor och slagverk
Mats Hammarström, bas
Frida Johansson, fiol och sång
Annika Norlin, sång
Lovisa Nyström, sång
Henrik Oja, gitarrer och klaviatur

Artwork: Pär Olofsson
Bild: Elin Berge