Pasadena - Greetings From Pasadena (Album)
Pasadena - The Changing Of The Seasons EP
Pasadena - Summer just walked up to me


  Pasadena! It started as two friends who had sung together for over ten years, both of them with the same vision of how pop music can be.  

If you listen to the songs you will hear the transformation is complete. You don’t work in an office, in front of a computer, you sit on a chair with beer in hand on a terrace. The ground beneath your feet is warm, though the night is late. You are far away but still close. Your friends are on their way to you, you are having a party and maybe that unique person looks at you from across the room.


After putting up the first demo recordings online in 2009, the request for live performances was overwhelming . Pasadena’s first live performance was before a sold out show opening for The Whitest Boy Alive. 

After a performance for SVT's music blog PSL, they continued writing songs. The idea was also to co-operate with others, to throw the music back & forth. The idea was that of a fantasy of California's light that meets the Swedish winter darkness. A pacific wave that roars up the blue line towards Akalla. Classical melodies dressed up in electronic clothing.


Now the new self-produced debut album - Greetings from Pasadena! - Clear and dreamy, the beautiful songs have two versions each. The two friends have captured the dream of how pop can be, and it sounds like this...