Black Temple - It All Ends
Black Temple - Oncoming fire
Black Temple - Unlikely Event

Black Temple

BLACK TEMPLE (formerly known as ODYSSEY)

Witold Östensson (guitar)
Jesper Karlsson (drums)
Jonas Pedersen (bass, vocals)

There's a reason why Black Temple is being calles Sweden's most energetic and violent live and. Since 2010 this hot-tempered trio from Helsingborg has probably trashed more instruments and amplifiers than the members can afford.
- It is not something we plan, it just happens, explains the bands guitarist Witold Östensson.

At the moment Black Temple is writing new material for their first album on RAZZIA NOTES.
It comes as no big surprise that the primitive force of Black Temple's music makes the band want to trash their equipment. All the emotional intensity in songs like "Oncoming Fire" (see the video here). demands its sacrifices. When every note is delivered as if life itself was at stake it is obvious that things will occasionally break. The three musicians love playing live and the debut album "Abysmal Despair" (Transubstans REcords, 2012) was really just an excuse for the group to be able to do even more shows.

- I believe it is an album that is hard to love unless you have seen us live, admits Witold Östensson.

It is about time to capture the band's brilliance on records. At the moment the members are busy writing new songs for the upcoming album and this time they will give it everything they got. The follow up to "Abysmal Despair" will be released on RAZZIA NOTES, to Witold's immense delight.

- I have followed Razzia for many years and it is the coolest label in the country, he says and adds that there is nothing more important in life than music. I have never put as much effort and energy into anything else. All I want to do is to play music.

The history of Black Temple begins in 2010 when three young men realize that they share the same musical vision, despite their different backgrounds. Jonas Pedersen has punk rock and hardcore running through his veins, Jesper Karlsson love The Beatles and Witold Östensson grew up listening to garage rock from the 1960's and 1970's. Together they create something that is hard to define but more than anything it is incredibly intense.
It is all or nothing for Black Temple. Even if it meansthat the cost for new instruments always exceeds the payment for the shows.

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