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10 pieces, 10 bruises

Jonna Lee

Release date: 2007-10-10


All songs written by Jonna Lee (Copyright Control) except for Biggest One, written by Jonna Lee, Claes Björklund and Nick Whitecross.
Produced by: Jonna Lee except track 4, 7 & 11, produced by Ed Harcourt,
co-produced by Jonna Lee.
Co produced by: Claes Björklund except ”Time”, ”Prints” and ”I wrote this song”.
Engineering by: Claes Björklund.

Recorded at: Kensaltown studios in London 2007  and at home, Hornstull except track 4,7 & 11 recorded at Ed’s house and Danny’s house.

Mixed by Lasse Mårtén at Decibel
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson at Masters of Audio
Artwork by: Henrik Walse
Photography by: Stefan Schernitz


Ordinary, I
Dried out eyes
And your love feat. Ed Harcourt
I wrote this song
Autumn song
Lost track
Here's the low
Biggest one