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Andreas Söderlund

Release date: 2010-09-01


Mathias Söderlund: Trummor på 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12.
Joel Sjöö: Kör på Daustralien & Hawaii.
Martin Inghardt: Kör på Hawaii & Först kommer tårarna.
Låtar skrivna av Andreas Söderlund.
Mastrad av Henrik Jonsson på Masters of Audio.
Omslagsfoto taget av Sara Kapusta. Bilder tagna av Mathias Söderlund.
Formgivning av Andrea Kellerman. Spelad, inspelad och mixad av 

Andreas Söderlund i Värmen, våren 2010.


Def Leppard bil
Sjunka under jorden
Jag vill va sjuk med dig
Pappa, pappa, varför gråter jag
Alla andra åldras
Önskar du var här hos mig
Först kommer tårarna


Andreas Söderlund is enjoying music again. The last time that happened was back in 2002, when he recorded the first demo songs for soon-to-be-nationally-hyped indiepoppers Niccokick.

– Back then I was in a happy bubble, just sitting and writing these amazing songs in my bedroom. Then I started to send them out to journalists and labels who loved them too, and somewhere around that point I started to lose my gusto. Everything became about chasing success, says Andreas.

But about a year ago he found his way back into that bubble. The key moment came when he translated a song by his favourite lyricist, Matt Berninger of the National, into Swedish. Suddenly, the flood gates opened and the songs started to pour out – all in Swedish. Andreas has kept the lyrics the way they were when they first came to him, it sounds almost like he’s plugged the mic cable straight into his own subconscious.

– The transition from English to Swedish tends to make people write more concrete lyrics, but for me it’s been the other way around. Writing in my mother tongue has given me the possibility to play around with the words and be a lot more secretive. You’re not supposed to know exactly what I’m singing about. Lyrics that let you make up your own meanings are the ones that I that I like best, he says.

After recording four albums with Niccokick and indie rock-trio Sounds Like Violence, as well as producing prominent Swedish acts like Hello Saferide, Daustralien finds Andreas Söderlund working solo in the true sense of the word. He has produced and recorded the songs in his own studio in Värmen and plays all of the instruments himself, except for the drums, which are played by his brother and Niccokick bandmate Mathias.

Oh, and if du inte förstår svenska, don’t worry. For all you non-swedish-speakers out there who want a chance to not fully understand Andreas lyrics in English, there is hope. An English version of Daustralien is in the works, it might even become the third Niccokick album. Until then, throw your dictionary in the air like you just don’t care and enjoy some of the most heartfelt Swedish indie pop in years.