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Introducing: Hello Saferide

Hello Saferide

Release date: 2005-09-28


Album recorded at Studio Cobra, The Vault, Bow Music Studios & Studios 301
Tracks 1, 3-9 & 13 produced & mixed by Andreas Söderlund
Tracks 2, 10-11 produced by Daniel Alexander (Ledinsky) and mixed by Hans Olsson at Studio Två
Track 12 produced by Maria Ahlsten
Mastered by Henke Jonsson at Masters of Audio, Stockholm

Annika Norlin: vocals, acoustic guitar, 5th grade piano
Andreas Söderlund: electric guitar, keyboards, triangle, backing vocals, bass, percussion
Benjamin Quigley: double bass
Christian Gabel: drums, percussion, organ, piano, church organ
Hans Olsson: keyboards, backing vocals
Martin "Konie" Ehrencrona: guitars
Nils Janson: trumpet
Ludwig Bell: vocals on "I thought you said summer is going to take the pain away"
Andrea Kellerman: vocals on "Long lost penpal"
Maia Hirasawa: backing vocals on "San Francisco" & The Quiz
Jonathan Larsson: accordion
Emil Strandberg: trumpet
Pär Westerlund: hand claps
Jens Lagergren: knee and hand claps

All songs written by Annika Norlin
Cover & pix by Mikael K Jansson


Nothing like you (when you're gone)
My best friend
If I don't write this song, someone I love will die
I thought you said summer is going to take the pain away
I don't sleep well
Long lost penpal
Saturday nights
San Francisco
Get sick soon
I can't believe it's not love!
Loneliness is better when you're not alone
Highschool stalker
The Quiz