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Love Creole


Release date: 2012-09-26


Thomas Pareigis: vocals & acoustic guitar

Alf Östlund: upright bass

Hannu Kiviaho: lead guitar, electric,baritone,nylon,12-string,Wurlitzer,backing vocals, percussion.

Jan Lissnils: pedal steel guitar & hammond organ

Joakim Lindahl: electric guitar, sixstring & backing vocals

Marcus Källström: drums & percussion

Russian Choir on ”Ashes Fall Down” by Per Wickström, Andreas Lind, Nils Bergel and Jan Magnusson

Backing vocals on ”Walk Your Way”, ”Love Creole”, ”Just My Luck”, ”Cold Cold War” and ghostvoice on ”Ashes Fall Down” by Peter Kvint

Trumpet on ”Boom Boom Boom” by David Tallroth

Bits and pieces – Simon Nordberg

Thomas Pareigis published by BMG Chrysalis Scandinavia/Arrow Music Hannu Kiviaho published by BMG Chrysalis Scandinavia/Arrow Music Per Aldeheim published by copyright control Peter Kvint published by Kvintessential / Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia Peter Morén published by copyright control Adam Olenius published  by EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia Kim Richey published by BMG Chrysalis Ltd

Engineered, produced and mixed by Simon Nordberg at Decibel

Recordings assisted by Gustav Lindelöw

Mastered by Claes Persson at CRP

Photos by Johan Bergmark

Albumcover idea by Hannu & Thomas

Artwork by Andrea Kellerman


I Don´t Wanna Get There
Love Creole
Boom Boom Boom
Radio Fatboy
Walk Your Way
Give Me Something To Look Forward To This Time
Cut Me Down
New Suit
Ashes Fall Down
Cold Cold War
The Wolf Is At The Door
Just My Luck


This time Thomas Pareigis, Hannu Kiviaho, Jan Lissnils, Alf Östlund, Joakim Lindahl and Marcus Källström decided to go a little further into the mine, deeper down under ground. Together they generated rivers of sweat before they found the finest rock diamonds of them all. The six-piece delivers the kind of amazing songs that even make legendary film directors like Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino wanting to use the bands music in their upcoming movies.     

The distinctive mix of rockabilly, country and rock’n’roll that has made Fatboy so popular is still intact but together with producer Simon Nordberg (Håkan Hellström, Amanda Jenssen, Kent) the band have broaden their horizon even further and to categorise their music is pretty much impossible.

– The album is almost like a sideshow where every song has its own little tent. You will find the magicians, strippers, fire-eaters, bikers… The songs all live within their own little world, Thomas says and adds that the band has never been this creative before.

– For the first time we wrote about 25 titles that never made it to the album. They were all good songs but the recording moved in another direction and they just didn’t fit.

The toughest part of the work might take place back home (in the dark, sweaty mine) but most ideas are born in other places. Like in Berlin. This is where the band did their last concert following the release of “Overdrive” (2010) and this is where Thomas and guitarist Hannu spent a few days in order to write new songs. Later on the recording was divided into two sessions.   

–Simons plan was to record 6-7 songs and then have a break before going back into the studio again. It was a different way of working and gave us the chance to customize the material in a new way. A lot of the songs on the album were born in-between the studio sessions, remembers Hannu Kiviaho.

The band, loved by both psychobilly-kids, headbangers and country’n’western-ladies, might have spent a lot of time in the rehearsal making sure they turn every song into gold, but in the studio things moved quicker.

– With a great band you do not need to dwell on the songs. We feel very safe in that sense, every one understands one another and in the studio things move smoothly. We did a maximum of four takes of each song, says Hannu. 

Among the guests on the album you will find a choir of men, singer Kim Richey and several others. The cover was created by the band-members themselves, with a little help from Hannus connections within the world of movies. Behind the camera stood, as always, the bands brilliant photographer Johan Bergmark.

– Recording an album is a lot of hard work. You have to give it everything you got in order to surprise yourself and keep it interesting. We really had to push it this time, says singer Thomas Pareigis who has his own thoughts on why “Love creole” is Fatboys strongest effort to date.

– In the end it is all about the songs and both melodies and lyrics are so much better this time. I also think that producer Simon really has lifted us as well. All these things combined make this the best Fatboy recording so far.