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Love Will Turn You Around

Timo Räisänen

Release date: 2007-08-27


All songs written by Timo Räisänen

Produced by Timo Räisänen and Hans Olsson

Timo Räisänen:_ guitars and vocals

Patrik Herrström: drums

Niels Nankler: guitar

Joel Magnusson: bass

Hans Olsson: Keyboards and noise

Strings performed by Eden Session Strings

Mixed by Hans Olsson at StudioTvå

Mastered byHans Olsson and Timo Räisänen at Dicentia

Artwork by Peder Bergstrand

Photos by Fredrik Harkén


My Valentine
Come Sunshine
Sweet Marie
Spill Your Beans
Stop Rocking The Boat
Love Will Turn You Around
I Wash My Mouth With Soap Before I Go
If Only A Lifetime