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Magic Villa - Anniversary Edition

Thomas Rusiak

Release date: 2016-04-22


This debut album by Thomas Rusiak was released August 10th 2000. In April 2016 we released a 4 LP special edition. 


Whole lot of things
All yours w Awa
She w Masayah
Fire walk with me w PeeWee
Hiphopper w Teddybears
Existence w Titiyo
STHLM's finest w Teddybears
Ahead of my time
Magic Villa
Legends of the fall
Suckers w PeeWee
Suckers, Pt 2
Concrete luxury
Whole lot of things - new version
Cold world w DJ Sleepy
Existence w Titiyo - Collén & Webb remix
Hiphopper - premix
Hiphopper - First draft
Crash you w Timbuktu & Eye N'I
In the city - 1998 demo
Invisible maze - 1998 demo
David Iron - 1998 demo