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Release date: 2016-04-01


All songs written by Thomas Pareigis & Hannu Kiviaho (copyright control) except Moments That Counts written by Joakim Berg, Thomas Pareigis, Hannu Kiviaho, Heikki Kiviaho (Cannoli Songs/EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia/copyright control)


Thomas Pareigis: Vocals & acoustic guitar

Hannu Kiviaho: Lead guitar, percussion

Jan Lissnils: Pedal steel guitar & organ

Joakim Lindahl: Guitar

Marcus Källström: Drums & percussion

Thomas Schuldt: Upright bass & electric bass

Joakim Berg :  Backing Vocals & Acoustic Guitar on Moment That Counts

Viola:Göran Fröst, Christopher Öhman, Eriikka Nylund, Pär Lindqvist, Erik Holm, Carin Wallgren

Cello:Pelle Hansen, Gudmund Ingvall, Johannes Rostamo, Tomas Lundström

Strings arranged and conducted by Erik Arvinder

Strings recorded by Willem Bleeker at X-Level Stockholm

Produced by Simon Nordberg

 Recorded by Pelle Gunnerfeldt and Simon Nordberg at Ingrid Studios Stockholm

 Mixed by Simon Nordberg at Ingrid Studios Stockholm

Mastered by Claes Persson at CRP Stockholm

Photos by Johan Bergmark

Artwork by Per Thorsell


Cruel Love
Dreaming Like I Did
Pulling Back The Reins
Moments That Counts
A Little Place
Summertime Bop
Black Hole
Lovely One
No Regrets
The Romantics
Blind Hopes
Last Song On The Record


The Swedish kings of rockabilly are turning 20 and celebrate by releasing their strongest album to date. 

There is a reason why Fatboy have such a strong faith in their ability to create rock’n’roll magic. Being such a tight unit allows them to trust completely in one another and to let things happen without every note being planned. It is when the music is given total freedom that magic really happens.

  That is why the band wanted to keep the recording of “Moments” – which took place in Studio Ingrid in Stockholm with well-known producer Simon Nordberg – as simple as possible.  The overdubs were few and most of the album happened in the very moment, says frontman Thomas Pareigis.

– We all played at the same time, as we usually do. If things aren’t happening after two or three takes we go for the next track.

One might say that Fatboy have become masters at the art of identifying the most sacred rock’n’roll moments.

One of those magic moments occurred when their friend Jocke Berg, famous Swedish rock star from the band Kent, came by the rehearsal. The band’s songwriters, Thomas and guitarist Hannu Kiviaho, asked Jocke to pick up the guitar and a few seconds later they had the foundation to the delicate ”Moment that counts”. On the album the song is amplified with no less than 25 strings that add lots of magnificent drama to the track. Hannu remembers the recording of the strings as one of his most awesome experiences ever.

– On earlier albums we had a few strings but this was something completely different. It was totally mind-blowing, he states.

Apart from ”Moment that counts” with its strings and songwriting from Jocke Berg and Hannus brother Heikki Kiviaho (from the band Sator) ”Moments” is an album with fewer guests than the last time.

Keep it simple.

Progressive rockabilly in minor

So what does it sound like?

Someone called Fatboy “progressive rockabilly in minor” and that is still a pretty correct description. The members of the band find inspiration in lots of different places but at the same time they are always faithful to their musical roots. This album is also a kind of reawakening for the band thanks to the tattooed motor- and rockabillyfan Thomas ”Kakan” Schuldt. He used to be in front of the stage on Fatboy’s shows but has now joined the band as a bass player. His infectious enthusiasm has given new life to Fatboy, which also includes Jan Lissnils, Joakim Lindahl and Marcus Källström.

– He really glows, which inspires the rest of us, says Thomas who can’t wait to hit the road again.

– Fatboy is such a natural part of life for all of us and we are all really looking forward to playing the new songs live with this amazing band.