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Release date: 2010-10-06



Thomas Pareigis: vocals & acoustic guitar

Alf Östlund: upright bass

Hannu Kiviaho: lead guitar

Jan Lissnils: pedal steel guitar & hammond organ

Joakim Lindahl: guitar

Marcus Källström: drums

Music by: Thomas Pareigis and Hannu Kivivaho except Overdrive and Memories of Us written by Thomas Pareigis, Hannu Kiviaho and Sharon Vaughn. Last Train written by Thomas Pareigis, Hannu Kiviaho and Kim Richey. The Wholle Damn Cow written by Thomas Pareigis, Sharon Vaughn and Jez Ashurst.

Strings and Horn arrangements by Mikael Sjögren

Produced by and mixed by Mikael Herrström

Mastered by Henke at Masters of Audio

Photos: Johan Bergmark

Artwork: Andrea Kellerman


Bad News From Pretty Red Lips
Draggin The River
Bare Moon
Last Train Home
The Whole Damn Cow
What Would Elvis do?
Time’s Running Out
Memories Of Us
Used Heart


One could say that Fatboy is in over gear on ”Overdrive”. The first single, "Bad News From Pretty Red Lips", kick starts the new record with a daring drive and sinister mood, worthy enough even for the hardboiled American author - Jim Thompson.

When ”In My Bones” came out in 2008, this was Fatboy's breakthrough. The record reached top ten in the album chart & reviews for the album and the following gigs could only be described as an excess of appreciation. They were nominated as ”Best Group of the Year” at the Swedish Grammy awards & the album found itself on most Swedish rock journalist lists for best album of the year in 2008.

But now the guys in Fatboy know they can do much more. There’s always things you can do better and give a shine to, but most of all they don’t want to record for as long as they did with ”In My Bones”. It actually took four years among the debut ”Stelhearted” and it’s follow up.

Thomas Paregis, Hannuh Kiviaho, Alf Östlund, Jan Lissnils, Joakim Lindahl and their new band member Marcus Källström chose to work in a more concentrated way in preparation for ”Overdrive”. Pareigis and Kiviaho focused on the songwriting & the band rehearsed immensely long before Mikael Herrström was hired as the albums producer. When Mikael Herrström joined the process this was even more intensified. A direction was identified. Songs got scrapped. More songs were written.

They then spent a week recording in the legendary Swedish studio ATLANTIS with legendary technician Janne Hansson. Another recording session was done in Mando Diaos studio Della Santa. Along with this, they had friends in the band Baskery brought in to record backing vocals. In the duet ”Memories of Us” Thomas Paregis is joined by Sharon Vaughn behind the microphone. Sharon Vaughn is a legendary singer, songwriter and producer who have worked with the likes of George Jones, Kenny Rogers, Joan Baez and Boyzone.

On ”Overdrive” Fatboy continues to experiment & push their way ahead. It’s built on their love for rockabilly, 50´s rock and country.  Fatboy goes wherever their songs may take hem.  It could be influences of jazz, Balkan beat or whatever. In the dreamy ”Memories Of Us” you can sense a smooth influence of mariachi, In another song, Jan Lissnils tweakes his homemade tone generator while Hannu Kiviaho uses his Iphone to add sounds. 

In Fatboy's world, there isn’t a distinction between the past and the present.