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David Sandström Overdrive

Release date: 2008-10-22


Produced by Oskar Sandlund

Songs by Sandström except »Happy home«, »Lisa Lisa« and

»Zigzag years, The« by Sandström/Sandlund 

Recorded by Oskar Sandlund in Brände By, Robertsfors kommun, 07/08

Mixed by Oskar Sandlund at This fuckin city is run by pigs in Umeå

Mastered at Tonteknik by Magnus

Lindberg and Oskar Sandlund

David Sandström overdrive is:

David Sandström: Vocals,

guitar and piano

Frida Selander: Guitar,

vocals and harmonica

Oskar Sandlund: Drums,

guitar and vocals

and Lars Eriksson: The bass,

bass and bass guitar

Guests of honour:

Lovisa Nyström: Backing vocals on

»Happy Home«, »Too late, but stil«,

»Dead alive«, »Stop talk«, »Listen to me«

and »Allstar team«

Malin Jonsson: Backing vocals on »These

are the days«, »Too late, but stil«,

»Allstar team« and »Dead alive«

Anders Lind: Piano, organ and midi on

»Lost time«, »Göran William Frii«,

»Zigzag years, The« and

»Too late, but still«

Artwork Adam Bergholm

Artwork & design Carl Anders Skoglund

Layout Tobias Ivarsson

Photos by David, except »O och Knas m blåtira« by Linnéa Sandström.


Mortal man is a broomstick
Not a good boy
Happy home -22
These are the days
Lisa Lisa
Tearing through the decades
The zigzag years
The God thing
Allstar team
Songs that maybe won't be forgotten
Dead alive
Too late, but still
Thou shalt get lost
Stop talk
Göran William Frii