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Republic disgrace

Thunder Express

Release date: 2007-03-28



Robert Pehrsson - Rythm and lead guitars, backing vocals

Jens Lagergren - Bass

Jesper Karlsson - Drums

Robert Dahlqvist - Vocals, rythm and lead guitars, acoustic guitar, slide guitar


Jaqee - Vocals, backing vocals

Konie - Handclap, backing vocals, wurlitzer, guitar

Mattias Bärjed - Percussion, backing vocals, guitar, 12 string guitar, bass

Erik Väpnargård - Handclap

Kalle Olsson - Handclap

Micke Herrström - Backing vocals

Sebastian Aronsson - Backing vocals

Petter Eriksson - Percussion

Ludwig Dahlberg - Percussion

Martin Hederos - Piano,organ etc..

Clarisse Muvemba - Backing Vocals

Kristina Karlsson - Backing vocals

Mattias Hellberg - Vocals, harmonica


Mattias Bärjed at Studio Cobra


Konie and Christian Gabel at Studio Cobra


Björn Olsson

Mastered by Hoffe Stannow at Cosmos


Republic disgrace
New York gold
Leaving with ease
Everybody knows about a broken heart
Hellberg's lament
Pick it up
Matrimotion emotion
From pleasure to pain


»Thunder Express claim retro-pop-garage-rock hooks and spit them out with muscle and blood, and the guitar solos will leave your speakers smoldering«

Cutting Edge on "We Play For Pleasure"

When Robert Dahlqvist, also guitarist of The Hellacopters, released his first album with Thunder Express, you had to be cut in stone not to be moved by the hybrid of Rolling Stones, Faces and Cheap Trick, and by Robert's mad love for the guitar, which ran as a red line through the entire album.

Thunder Express’ second album is even better. In every aspect. If “We Play For Pleasure” was exactly what it stands for, then "Republic Disgrace" stand for even harder work. Robert strived with the songs, the vocals and the arrangements. He was joined by Robert Pehrsson on guitar and harmonies, Jens Lagergren on bass and Jesper Karlsson on drums.

We phoned Mattias Bärjed from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, the producer of "Republic Disgrace" 

– He has an awesome sense of melodies, and I wanted to help him preserve that. Now he's a good friend of mine, says Mattias.

Together with Robert Pehrsson, Jens Lagergren and Jesper Karlsson, Mattias Bärjred and Robert Dahlqvist first set out to create something that would sound a bit like Fleetwood Mac's “Then Play On” or Rolling Stone's "Some Girls", but which of course turned out to sound completely different, mainly inspired by Robert's and Mattias' common guitar gods from the seventies.

Robert and Mattias asked Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives), Nathan Larson (songwriter and producer) and Kenny Håkansson (The Hellacopters) for help. They have all contributed with lyrics on the album.

– My cousin wrote the lyrics for one song, says Robert. 

Robert's cousin is named Anders Osborne, he lives in New Orleans and has written a song for Tim McGraw which made number one on the Billboard chart.

What do you think about the lyrics?

– They’re great. I don’t really understand two of Ebbot's, but I don’t always get his Soundtrack Of Our Lives lyrics either.

With lyrics written by Ebbot, Nathan, Kenny and the Billboard cousin, with Mattias Bärjed as producer and Björn Olsson as mixer, one could say that Robert has been working with the elite. And Jaqee!, the finest singer of Gothenburg, intensifies the single "Republic Disgrace" with amazing guest vocals.

– I never thought of them as the elite, I just asked the people I think are talented.