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Säkert! på engelska


Release date: 2011-08-31


Produced and mixed by Henrik Oja.
Mastered by Henke Jonsson, Masters of Audio, Stockholm


Can I
The lakes we skate on
The flu
Dancing, though
You'll be on your own
It's going to lead to something bad
Weak is the flesh


In 2009, we released our second album with my Swedish language album Säkert! (I also have a band where I sing in English - Hello Saferide.) We are lucky enough to have super sweet listeners in different countries and some of them wrote me, saying how they were google translating the album and babelfishing it and asking their grandfather with Norwegian ancestors for translation and it all turned out very weird. 

"How sad", I thought, "that I can't just translate the songs." Which is when I thought: um, why don't I just translate the songs? What if I translate them almost word for word, so that it almost turns into a third language, English words used in a Swedish way? 

So I did and we decided to record them and turn them into an album. During the process, the translated songs soon felt like new to us. Everything seemed different when sung in another language, and producer/guitar player Henrik Oja elaborated with new sounds for them. We realised some of the songs now actually finally became something we aimed for in the first place, now that we were rid of the consonant obsessed Swedish language. 

About the album, then. Well, på engelska mostly contains songs from our second album Facit, but it also features two tunes from our first album, Säkert!. The songs are about working too hard, loving too much, talking too little, growing up too slow in the northern parts of Sweden and fearing your country's politics is going somewhere where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It's about being at a wedding and crying your eyes out, and about waiting for someone who already has a girlfriend. They feature a lot of sad guitars and folk-ish violins. Every time I go abroad I meet someone who asks me about the famous Scandinavian melancholia and I guess this album pretty much embraces that cliche. The songs are simple and sad. In a fun way, hopefully. 

Säkert! is a project based in Umeå, Sweden. We are currently: Annika Norlin, Henrik Oja, Daniel Berglund, Mats Hammarström, Jakob Nyström, Lovisa Nyström, Frida Johansson, and some other people who occasionally help out. We're currently touring a lot of Scandinavian festivals. 

We've been nominated to a lot of awards, like the Swedish Grammys, and won a few, like best female and best lyrics. We sold a lot of albums and we always try to make people cry when we play live. Um, that's about it. 

Pitchfork wrote about Facit

So sooner or later you're going to have to try to understand what she's singing about, whether a holy misfit with the same first name as the prime minister, a young rebel who reminds the narrator of her own faded idealism, or an insecure woman who can't help but go back to a former lover, like Liz Lemon returning to loser boyfriend Dennis Duffy in old episodes of "30 Rock". (I used that quote because I really like 30 Rock.)


Although obviously crafted with great care, the songs here feel tremendously naked and transparent, even to someone who doesn't speak the language.

PS. If anyone Swedish is reading this: don't. You are supposed to listen to the Swedish versions.