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Scandinavian Pain

Ji Nilsson

Release date: 2017-08-25


Written and produced by Ji Nilsson, with the exception of "Goodnight Sweetheart”, produced by Ragz Originale and Benji Flow and "Save me for later" which is co-produced with WoodzSTHLM.

Mixed by Ji Nilsson except Goodnight Sweetheart, Worth It, Save Me For Later and Proud mixed by Sören Von Malmborg @ Basecamp Studios. Horoscope and Sleeping Pills mixed by Adel Dahdal.

Mastered by Sören Von Malmborg @ Cosmos mastering


Sapphire Amour
Goodnight Sweetheart
Worth It
Save Me For Later
Ivan, Pt. 1 & 2
Sleeping Pills
In My Blood


"Scandinavian Pain" is Ji Nilssons first soloalbum, a image painted using a canvas with different shades of blue. 

Since she was very young, Ji Nilsson has been writing and recording. Her father is a well-known Swedish composer and musician, and she basically grew up on a tour bus. Launching her musical career as a Sony ATV-contracted songwriter, she’s since then been writing for swedish pop- and hiphop acts such as Silvana Imam, Marlene, Mack Beats, Julia Spada and Saturday-Monday.

"Scandinavian Pain" is about 2016 - ”The blue year”, a year filled with deep mourning, broken hearts and painful passions. Ji Nilsson ended an eight year long love story, started and ended a new one – and lost a close family member. Everything became a mountain of hardship, too big to deal with - she found herself unable to go to work, write or even to venture outside her own apartment.

– To see death that close to me, made me afraid of life. I realized how fragile everything was and thought that everyone, including myself, would die. It became a terrible anxiety.

The work of "Scandinavian Pain" started with the profoundly intimate song "Ivan PT1 & 2".

– I wrote the first part when he was still alive. The other, the part in Swedish, I wrote five months after his death. I just cried and cried, but when the levee broke, I started writing music again.”