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Weeping Willows

Release date: 2017-11-17



Magnus Carlson – Vocals

Anders Hernestam – Drums

Ola Nyström – Guitars

Niko Röhlcke – Piano and guitars

Guest vocals:

A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss) by Ane Brun

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Anders Wendin

 Additional musicians:

Bass by Anders Kappelin

 Horns arranged and performed by Goran Kajfeš & Per Ruskträsk Johansson

 Backing vocals by Britta Bergström

 Strings performed by: Ulf Forsberg, Torbjörn Bernhardsson,  Veronica Novotna, Svein Martinsen, Petter Axelsson, Elisabeth Arnberg, Kati Raitinen except on Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) strings performed by: Andreas Forsman, Tone Snildal, Anna Sjönnemo, Anna Rodell , Petter Axelsson, Sara Munters, Emma Lindhamre.

 Strings arranged and conducted by Pål Svenre

 Vibraphone and glockenspiel by Torbjörn Svedberg

 Hammond organ & Wurlitzer piano by Patrik Kolar on Snow (Like The Snow), recorded at Patrik Kolar's House of Funk, engineered by Angelina Pavanelli

Recorded and produced @ Kapsylen studio by Jörgen "Jugglo" Wall

 Mixed at Gig Studio by Jugglo and Conny Wall except Snow (Like The Snow) and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) mixed by Jugglo & Conny Wall @ Kapsylen studio and Gig Studio

Mastered by Sören von Malmborg @ Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm

 Artwork by Wickholm Formavd