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Release date: 2004-11-24



Thomas Pareigis: vocals & acoustic guitar

Alf Östlund: upright bass

Hannu Kiviaho: lead guitar

Jan Lissnils: pedal steel guitar & hammond organ

Joakim Lindahl: guitar

Jörgen Wall: drums

Music by Thomas Pareigis & Hannu Kiviaho

Lyrics by Thomas Pareigis
All songs copyright control, except:
Knee Deep In The Blues written by Melvin Endsley (acuff-Rose Music INC)
Jeane written by Morrisey/Marr (Marr Songs/Bona Relations)
Drums on track 3 by Anders Hernestam
Mastered by Sören Elonsson at Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm
Photo by Bersa. boots photo by Christel Schröder
Artwork by Hanta/Mange at Kloroform Design
Thanks to Ola Nyström for gitfill and Weeping Willows (courtesy of Virgin Records) for handclaps, Peter Ejheden at Look left Recordings,


This Tear Will Never Leave My Eye
Devil’s Tale
Dare To Meet Her
I Break
Knee Deep In The Blues
Steelhearted Boy
The Wayward One
Sweet Pain
Fat State
She’s In Dreams
Just Another Tragedy
Wild Flower