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The Japan Collection

Maia Hirasawa

Release date: 2015-02-18


It doesn't stop 

Long Ago


太陽feat.おおはた雄一 (taiyo) 

When We are Together

Not Anymore

丘の上で(oka no udde) 

Producent: Maia Hirasawa och Katsuya Yamada


Producent: Maia Hirasawa och Katsuya Yamada, co-producer Yoko Hata 

Here I am

Maia Hirasawa och Katsuya Yamada

co produced by Koji Mito 

It doesn´t stop (cornelius remix) 

remixed by Cornelius(blir han producent då? fråga Emi) 

We Got it

produced by Maia Hirasawa and Katsuya Yamada, co producer: Yoko Hata 

The real me song 

Produced by Maia Hirasawa and Koji Mito 

The best team 

produced by Maia Hirasawa and Katsuya Yamada

The Ones feat. 岸田繁 (from くるり

produced by Lasse Mårtén 

子守唄 komoriuta 

You will always 

produced by Maia Hirasawa and Katsuya Yamada


We Got It (Zwette Radio Edit)
It Doesn´t Stop
Taiyo feat. Yuichi Ohata
The Ones feat. Shigeru Kishida
The Real Me Song
The Best Team
Not Anymore
When We Are Together
Here I Am - D・A・N・C・E feat. Maia Hirasawa
Long Ago
Oka no Uede
It Doesn´t Stop (Cornelius remix)
We Got It


Over the last five years Maia Hirasawa have had two separate pop careers.

The audience of her home country Sweden got to know her in 2007 as her debut album “Though I’m just me” exploded on the Swedish pop scene. The follow-up “GBG vs STHLM” (2009) and “What I saw” (2013) confirmed the picture of an artist with a unique musical expression.

Simultaneously she has had a career in Japan where she nowadays is just as established as a songwriter, producer and singer. Since her dad is from Japan Maia Hirasawa has a natural relationship to the country and in 2010-2011 she even lived there. Throughout the years she has continued working on her music and writing songs that was never made available to her audience outside of Japan.

Until now.

With “The Japan Collection”, which was released in Japan but in a different version, the rest of us get the chance to listen to songs that in many cases have become huge hits in Japan.

– It is about time we make them available for the rest of the world, Maia Hirasawa says. 

The opening track is “Boom”, a song that she originally made for a commercial but that soon developed into something much bigger. JR Kyusha, the Japanese railroad company, was to present their new express train and Maia Hirasawa was asked to create a song.

After living a year in Sendai she found herself in her new studio in Tokyo trying to capture the sorrow of leaving her newfound friends behind. At the same time she felt a big gratitude and happiness for all the friends she had made for the last 12 months. In the end “Boom” became a happy song that still managed to capture the mixed emotions.    

The same day the video and song were meant to be released, the 11th of March 2011, the country experienced the horrible earthquake and its following tsunami. The song was stopped and that could have been the end of the story.   

Instead someone put the video on YouTube and without Maia Hirasawas knowledge it spread quickly on the Internet. The song helped people who were in much need of comfort and gave them new hope. After two days it had more than one million views and she still gets e-mails from fans telling her how much the song means to them. “Boom” became number 1 when the radio station J-waves presented the songs of the year and has since its release won several prizes.

“The Japan Collection” includes material recorded on different occasions but it is still held together by an artist with a voice of her own. Maia Hirasawa is always Maia Hirasawa, no matter if she is in Japan or Sweden.

With “The Japan Collection” her two careers are now more tightly connected than ever.