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Though, I´m Just Me

Maia Hirasawa

Release date: 2007-04-04


All Music and lyrics by Maia Hirasawa (copyright control)

Produced and recorded by Maia Hirasawa

Recorded at Kärrdal, Lilla E, Lillehem, Dalheimersgatan and Mäster Henriksgatan

Mixed by Lasse Mårtén at Decibel Studio Stockholm

Mastered by Henke at Masters of Audio Stockholm

Design and Illustration by Peder Bergstrand 

Photo by Fredrik Harkén 

Maia: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keyboards,

Percussion and Handclap

Miss Li: Vocals, Backing Vocals

Linnea Ohlsson:Cello, Backing Vocals

Hanna Ekström: Violine and Viola

Magnus Wiklund: Trombone

Thomas Backman: Saxophone, Flute

Josefine Lindstrand: Handclap

Fredik Myrberg: Handclap

David Lindvall: Bass

Ola Hultgren: Drums


Still June
Mattis and Maia
Parking lot
And I found this boy
Star Again
My New Friend
Say Goodbye
You And Me And Everyone We Know
A Year With You
The Worrying Kind