V/A - There´s a Razzia going on vol. 2
V/A - There's a Razzia going on
V/A - Oh, no...it's Christmas!

V/A - Oh, no...it's Christmas!

Release:2006-11-15 (scandinavia)

1. Konie: Oh yeah...it's Christmas
2. Hello Saferide: iPod X-mas
3. Kristofer Åström: I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus
4. Laakso: Merry Christmas
5. The Thousand Dollar Playboys: A very special Christmas
6. The Soundtrack of our lives: Jingle hell (stuck in the chimney)
7. Dreamboy: Christmas kisses
8. South Ambulance: Hangin in a tie
9. Firefox AK & Tiger Lou: Christmas Eve
10.Friska Viljor: Oh no! This is what I feared all along
11. Maia Hirasawa: You were all there
12. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: Jullåten 2004
13. The Tiny: No money (for X-mas)
14. Grande Roses: To bring X-mas back this year
15. Ther Perishers: Blue Christmas
16. They Live By Night: Lucia (I deserve candles in my hair)
17. Dogday: Santa will never get here
18. The Consequences: Some kind of magic
19. Indiekören: Last Christmas