Thunder Express - Republic Disgrace
Thunder Express - Republic Disgrace
Thunder Express - We Play For Pleasure
Thunder Express - In my Mind
Thunder Express - Believe in you

Thunder Express - Republic Disgrace

Release: 2007-03-28 (Scandinavia),
2007-05-22 (Longfellowdeeds/France)

1: Republic Disgrace
2: New York Gold
3: Leaving With Ease
4: Switch
5: Everybody Knows About A Broken Heart
6: Hellberg's Lament
7: Pick It Up
8: Matrimotion
9: Vegas
10: From Pleasure To Pain
11: Panic
12: Republic Disgrace (video)

"It's more back-to-basics rock'n'roll today courtesy of Thunder Express, the band led by Hellacopters guitarist Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist. It's not a big departure from the 'Copters big-guitar sound. Perhaps a little less arena-rock? More New York Dolls than Journey. There's still plenty of triumphant guitar riffs, but they're more at home in a seedy bar than in some cavernous coliseum. Which is not to say that I'm dissing the Hellacopters either! Many folks get down on their increasingly polished sound, but I'm totally okay with it.
Anyhow, Thunder Express' new record "Republic disgrace" is chock-full of solid tracks and "Vegas" is one of the standouts in my mind with it's simple, effective chorus. The shakers give it a little extra boogie-woogie and there's some sweet slide-guitar leads as well. Like I said, totally solid." IT'S A TRAP

Produced by Mattias Bärjed
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