They Live By Night - Ctrl+Alt+Del my heart
They Live By Night - They Live By Night
They Live By Night - Catching Up
They Live By Night - Endless summer
They Live By Night - Art and wealth
They Live By Night - Factory
They Live By Night S/T

They Live By Night - Art and wealth

Release: 2007-03-28 (Scandinavia)





1. Factory
3. The Violent Kind
4. Truth or Dare
5. Ode to Band
6. Coast to Coast
7. Dear Mother
8. The Fire
9. The Phantom
10. Spring Exhibition
11. Boxing Day

"Naturally, the Gothenburg group start off their debut album with the absolutely brilliant single Factory. It's not easy to keep up the pace after such a great opening, but TLBN do very, very well. This is honest, energic and ambivalent, just like all good pop music."
Johan Lindqvist, Göteborgs-Posten

"This makes me so happy! It takes a certain kind of band to write lyrics that won't back down. It takes a will to influence. Art and Wealth is hard and vulnerable all at the same time."
Lina Keilo, Hallandsposten

"TLBN are back with a wider range of absolutely everything. It's the best of their old sound and a whole lot of new stuff, all perfectly produced into a mix. It's eleven tracks of pop musics A-Z. Joel Sjöö sings better, Christofer Byström plays his drums like it's the only thing he's ever done, and I think there's a little bit of love involved as well. Yet another magnificient band from the pop factory in Göteborg."
Andreas Häggström,

"Impressive Swedish anxiety-pop. These guys have evolved tremendously."
Alex Wiman, Dala-Demokraten

"I have seen the future of indiepop! One of this years best Swedish debut albums."
Editor's pick – Magnus Persson, Borås Tidning

"If you've missed They Live by Nights debut album, you've really missed out on something."
Kai Martin, GT/Expressen

"I listen to a lot of new Swedish bands. Some are absolutely brilliant and change my world permanentely. Others just last for a moment. They Live by Night fall in the first category. There's something on the record that grabs hold of me and probably won't let go for a long time."
Jerry Boman,

"The identification factor is high, the energy pulsating and the melodies wonderfully strong. But it's the singer who makes me surrender. It's wonderful to hear his vocals switch from vulneralbility to anger and then jubilation without losing the edge. Marvellous! The to track is the anti-bully-anthem School with it’s bouncy organ and relievingly undisguised intensity. Don't miss out!"
Nina Einarsson, Groove

"It's grungey garage with a twee girlfriend, the Mr Tough Guy who goes home and listens to The Pastels, a bully who's gone head-over-heels for the girl in the Belle & Sebastian jacket."
Sean of

Produced by Andreas Söderlund.
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