Firefox AK - Color the trees (single)
Firefox AK - Color the trees
Firefox AK - Meet me there
Firefox AK - Boom, Boom, Boom
Firefox AK - Big in Japan
Firefox AK vs Laid - once I was like you
Firefox AK - If I were a melody
Firefox AK feat. Tiger Lou - Winter rose
Firefox AK - Love to run
Firefox AK - Madame, Madame!
Firefox AK - Madame, Madame! (single)
Firefox AK - What's that sound EP

Firefox AK - Madame, Madame!

Release: 2006-03-01 (scandinavia), 2007-09-04 (US, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand via Minty Fresh)

1: City To City
2: Habibi
3: Madame,madame!
4: Love To Run
5: Cardiac Arrest
6: Who Can Act
7: Zodiac
8: What's That Sound
9: All Those People
10: The Draft
11: What's That Sound (video)
12: Who Can Act (video)

"Those pauses between the words "the sound of his voice" convey a sublime sensuality, a desperate breathlessness reflected in the song's immediate momentum and synth melodies. That sound is a million indie hearts bursting on first listen" Stephen M. Deusner PITHFORK MEDIA

"Yes, what Andrea Kellerman does on stage is this: she is intense, seeks perfection, looks hell-bent on what she is doing, and then in one flash of her smile lifts that focus and atmosphere with the saccharine which is her voice"
Dingwalls Camden Live review - Jason Christie

"The "Euro-pop summer dance club explosion" is almost here, and I can't wait. Swedish club kids Firefox AK have thrown down the gauntlet with "Madame, Madame!" , a booming track with wispy space-gun sounds, a groovy bass line, and soothing vocals. (I might even go as far to say that it's cuter than Annie)" POPWATCH BLOG

"It's an exceptional album without a clunker to be found and if you like the genre it comes very highly recommended. It is musically strong and her voice has a very special quality about it that almost commands repeated listening, aside from it's beauty. Quite engaging on so many levels, this is about as good as this sort of thing gets. It's rather hypnotizing actually" INDIESPINZONE

Produced by Viktor Ginner & Firefox AK
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